About Us

Jus started the Nothing Less Clique brand because he was exhausted of all the negative energy in the entertainment industry and the world. Bad news is constantly pushed to the forefront because it gains the most attention. People only comment on social media to tear each other down. Everything is getting out of control. How can one be positive, stay motivated, and thrive?


That's why Jus wanted to create something that would be a constant reminder to remain at your best. When you listen to a song by Jus, you'll hear him rap "J-u-s, nothing less" a few times. Jus explains, "That's just me saying I want to always be at my best. You know that saying 'the best and nothing less'? Well, in that line, I'm putting my name in place of 'the best'." What started out as a clever line became a mantra. We value integrity, best efforts, and always creating from the heart.


Moving forward, we aim to encourage the discouraged. We want to motivate the apathetic. We want to make those who feel lost, see that they're just getting started. Find your purpose, know your worth, and give it your all. Only the best and NOTHING LESS!

for more on Jus, visit www.jusnothingless.com